The clock in/clock out feature makes it easy to keep track of employee time on the job, allowing them to punch in and out right from the app on their phones. 

To turn time tracking on, click 'My Apps' at the top of your screen, then the gear icon in the top right. 

This will take you to the app settings page. Scroll down to the Productivity section and click 'Time Tracking' to go to app details.

Then click the toggle on the right to activate time tracking. This will allow all employees to clock in/out on their mobile app. 

Once the feature has been turned on, two things will happen. The first is, the Time Tracking report on your dashboard will appear. This is where the time tracking information will be stored. You can click the eye icon in the top right to view and edit the report.

The second, is all employees will now have a clock in button on their mobile app. If this doesn't appear for them right away, have them completely log out of the app and log back in.

Every time an employee clocks in or clocks out their location is recorded through GPS coordinates, along with the time the action was done. 

You and/or your employees can then clock in and out from within the mobile app!

Once your time tracking feature has been enabled, you can update and edit the employee hours with ease. 

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