The time tracking dashboard allows you to quickly see how many hours your employees have worked during the desired work period. The number displayed on your dashboard is the total number of hours all employees have worked combined. 

By clicking the configure report button, you can view the time tracking report. This report is filterable by date. Each row in the report represents one day on the calendar. Each column on the report represents an employee. 

The number displayed in each cell is the amount of time that employee was clocked in. An employee can clock in using the HouseCall Pro mobile app for iPhone or Android. 

To turn time tracking on, click 'My Apps' at the top of your screen, then the gear icon in the top right. 

This will take you to the app settings page. Scroll down to the Productivity section and click 'Time Tracking' to go to app details.

Then click the toggle on the right to activate time tracking. This will allow all employees to clock in/out on their mobile app. 

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