Customer signatures are a useful tool for approving Estimates on site, or to capture a signature on the Invoice. Signatures help protect you and your company from possible disputes. 

For both Estimates and Jobs you will click on the Approve button in the top left hand corner of the Estimate/Job.

On an Job you can capture a signature either before the the work starts or after the work is complete, or both. Please note if you take two signatures only one will appear on the invoice (both will be accessible in the web portal).

From there you will be taken to the signature page. Here, the customer can access the Terms & Conditions they are signing off on by clicking the blue link at the bottom of this page. (For details on setting up your business's Terms & Conditions see the article in our Help Section). 

The customer will just sign using their fingertip and then click Done Signing to save:

Once an Estimate is signed, you will see the status on the main Estimate page change from "In Progress" to "Approved". You can now Convert To Job!

For Estimates, click on Preview to view the signed Estimate.
For Jobs, click on Invoice to view the signed Invoice.

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