Tags are internal identifiers you can use for distinguishing customer features like referral sources, customer routes, or anything else to identify and group customers. Customers will not be able to see the tags. 

You have the option to add a tag while creating a customer profile OR you can add a tag after a customer has already been added to your database by following these steps: 

Click 'My Customers' along the top of your admin dashboard to go to your customer database.

You can then select the customer you would like the add the tag to by selecting their name.

once there you if you are not already on the Profile tab, you will want to click it, then below the customers information you will see a place to add the tag.

You can then click on the line and start typing in the tag you want. If the tag already exists in your database it will pop up to click on and if its a new tag when you are done typing it out just hit enter and it will add the tag. 

You will also now be able to search for customers based on the tags you've assigned to them, both in the customer database and the dashboard reports.

Happy tagging! :)

NOTE: Tags are internal identifiers that will remain attached to the customer until you edit or delete it.

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