You can now store multiple addresses for a single customer. This will allow for you to send both invoices and estimates to each of those emails automatically. 

You can add the additional emails to an existing customer or a new customer. For customer's that are already stored in your Housecall Pro account, go to their customer profile by selecting the 'Customers' button at the top of your screen and clicking on the customer's name.  Then click the 'edit' button to the right of their name. For new customers, you can add each email as you're filling out their customer form. 

Once you're at the customer information form, you can add the emails to their profile by clicking '+ email' to the right of the first email field.

An empty field will appear below the first. Enter in the next email you'd like to have on file. 

You can repeat this process for any additional email addresses. Once they're all entered, hit the 'update customer' button in the bottom right to save the information.

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