Customer notes will be applied to all jobs and estimates created for this customer, and can be found in the field as well as on the web portal. These notes can be added to the customer profile when you're setting a new customer up in the system or adding information to an existing customer. 

To enter the notes to an existing customer, go to the customer database.

Select the customer you're looking for by clicking anywhere on their name or contact information. This will bring you to their customer profile. Once in the customer profile click the edit button to the right of their name.

This will bring you to the customer information screen. Scroll down and click in the customer notes field, enter any information you'd like to keep track of (ex. a gate code to get onto the property).

Click 'update customer' in the bottom right and you're finished!

Remember, the notes can be found in the mobile app by clicking on the customer's name in the job details page.

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