Yes, you can! We have now added the option to merge duplicate customer profiles together in order to create a single profile for that customer. 

Click 'Customers' to access your customer database.

In your customer database, you will see check boxes directly to the left of each customer's name.

Select the customers you wish to merge by checking the white boxes next to their name. You have the option to select as many customers as you need to merge into 1 account. 

NOTE: If the customer is using the HouseCall consumer app, you can only merge with 1 other customer.

Then click the merge icon in the top right.

Keep in mind, you must select at least 2 customers for the merge option to be available. 

This will take you to pop-up window titled 'Merge Customers.' A red asterisk (*) indicates conflicting information between the two contacts. You must select which specific piece of information you want to keep for this customer. To choose the information you wish to keep, click on the down arrow to access a drop down menu. When the information is correct, click 'merge customer' in the bottom right.

In this example, the customer had different emails and phone numbers on the two separate profiles. The red asterisk (*) shows that we need to chose between the email and phone number for the new merged profile. 

NOTE: If merging with a customer using the HouseCall Consumer app, the system will default to the HouseCall information already in the system. This cannot be changed at this time.

A window will appear asking you to confirm the command. If you are sure, click 'confirm.' 

Once you merge your customer, this action cannot be undone (even by our amazing and talented engineers).

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