To manually add a customer, you have two different options:

Option A:
Start by clicking on the green '+add' button in the top right of your admin portal. A drop down menu will appear. Select 'Customer.'

A window will pop open for you to add the new customer contact info. Fill in the contact name, email and phone number, as well as any notes, tags you would like to save to the customer profile and setting them "to bill" to a parent customer

Be sure to select the address when it appears in the drop down suggestions to ensure you and your employees are sent to the correct coordinating address on Google Maps. 

When the customer information is complete, click the blue 'create customer' button at the bottom right corner to save your new customer to your database. 

Option B:

Start by clicking 'Customers' at the top left of your admin dashboard.

Select the + customer icon in the top right corner.

A window will appear with your customer's information and from there, you can follow the steps outlined in the example above. 

NOTE: If you are looking to import your customer list, please visit the Importing Customers help article

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