Clocking in/out is available on the Modern Plan and the Advanced Plan.

You can enable the clock in/clock out feature in your Settings.

Your employees will see a clock in option on their dashboard on the mobile app.

You can view and edit the time cards on the dashboard, by clicking the eye icon in the top right corner of the 'time tracking' card.

This will take you to a spreadsheet of hours per employee. It is updated live, as the employees clock in and out on their mobile app. 

You can also add/edit individual's clock in and clock out times by clicking on the corresponding point between the date and employee.

This will bring you to the employee time card. Click the '+time entry' button to add an entry. Select the existing entry to adjust the clock-in or clock-out time. 

You can also mark employees as paid or unpaid to easily keep track of the payroll process. First, select the time slot by checking the box to the left of the correct entry. Then mark that line as paid or unpaid.

Use the Blue Chat Bubble in the bottom right corner if you have any other questions!

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