Before credit card funds can be deposited from our processor to your bank account, you will need to enter your bank deposit information. In addition to the bank deposit information, you will also need to designate an account representative for verification. The account is verified following the Know Your Customer policy.

Follow these steps to set up your bank account for deposits:

On your dashboard, click on the Gear icon in the right hand corner of your screen to go to your Account Settings.

Click on Payouts.

Click on Edit to enter your Bank information as well as designate an account representative (required).

Click the Bank account bar to set your bank account details.

Fill in your bank account details and click SAVE.

Next, click the Account representative bar.

Enter in the required information and upload a picture of your photo ID (License/Passport/etc.)  The photo must be a .PNG or .JPG file.

Once your account representative information has been entered (including ID and Social Security number) the information is encrypted and sent to Stripe.  Stripe is able to verify the representative quickly and change your status from Pending to Verified.

The processing time for deposits to your bank account is 2 business days.

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