Follow these simple steps to add multiple addresses to customer contacts.

Find the customer record you want to add an address to. 

Click 'Edit' in the top right corner.

You can see I already have multiple addresses on this customer record. 

Click +Address to add an additional property. 

Start typing in the address and select the correct address that pops up.

You can toggle on the "Billing address" if this is the permanent billing address of your customer. You will be able to select different service locations, but the billing address on your invoice will always remain the same.

Add any Address Notes (like gate codes or any special instructions you or your techs may need regarding the address)  here before continuing. 

Hit Save! 

And you're all done 😀

You'll be able to select which address you want to show up on the invoice when you go to create a new job or estimate. 

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