Quickly apply a discount to a quote or invoice and let Housecall Pro do the math. The process for applying a discount to a job and an estimate is the same. We'll run through the process with a job here.

Start by opening the job details page for the invoice you'd like to discount. 

Select the '+ Discount' icon below the grand total of the invoice. 

An 'add discount' window will appear. First choose whether you would like to add a flat rate discount (dollar amount) or take a percentage off (percentage). 

Then add a description, so the customer has record of what the discount is for, and the amount you'd like to take off the total. 

You can add multiple discounts by clicking the '+ row' icon and repeating the process. When the name and amount is correct, click the 'update' button in the bottom right. 

The given amount will be taken from the subtotal and applied automatically for you!

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