You already know how to create a one-time job. Now you can learn how to set up reoccurring jobs for customers that require regular visits. 

To create a recurring job, start by scheduling a job as normal:

  1. Click the blue '+ Add' button at the top of your dashboard and follow the 3 steps to scheduling a job:
  1. Select or quick add a customer.
  2. Add the line items for the job.
  3. Click on the 'schedule' button. Select the date and time of the initial appointment by dragging and dropping the job. 

Next, click the 'recurrence' button in the options box directly below the schedule button. 

This will bring you to the pop up box that will ask you to select how often you want your recurrence job to occur.

The drop down menu will ask you to choose how often you would like to repeat the recurrence, on what day the job should recur and when you would like the recurrence to end. 

TIP: For biweekly, select 'Weekly' and repeat every 2 weeks. For biannually, select 'Monthly' and repeat every 6 months.

Once the correct recurrence is set, click the 'done' button in the bottom right. Remember, you can always make changes to a single job or the entire series.

You'll then have the option to review the scheduled jobs, by clicking 'review' to the right of the 'schedule' option. This will display the upcoming jobs with the date and time they are scheduled for.

If everything is looking good upon review, hit the green 'save' button at the bottom. This will bring you to the job details page, where you'll be able to edit and view reccurrence on the bottom left of the page. 

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