Unscheduled jobs are useful to hold job information before a scheduled time has been set for the visit. If anything changes, however, and the job needs to be deleted, you can quickly remove it from Housecall Pro. 

To find the job you'd like to delete, click on the calendar icon to be taken to your schedule. 

Click the 'Unscheduled' button toward the top left of the screen. Note: the red number to the right is the amount of unscheduled jobs you have. 

A drop down bar will appear, listing all of your unscheduled jobs. Click on the on the job you would like to delete.

This will take you to the job details page. Click the wrench icon toward the top right to view a drop down menu.

Select the final option, 'Delete job.' 

A window will appear for you to confirm the action. Click the 'delete' button in the bottom right to delete the unscheduled job.

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