There are three simple ways to get to the job details page in your web portal. You can go from your dashboard reports, your calendar or your customer's profile. 

Dashboard Reports:
Click on the eye icon next to 'Jobs' to open the report.

When you're in the report, you can scroll down or type the customer's information (name, address, email, etc) into the search bar in the top right to find the job you're looking for. Once it has been located, click on the invoice number in the column on the left. This will open the job details page!

Click 'Schedule' to open the calendar.  

Your schedule will appear. Depending on which view your calendar is in, you can scroll the bar along the bottom of the screen or click the left/right buttons in the top left to search for the correct job. 

When the correct job has been located, click on the job block to open the job details page.

Customer Profile:
Click on 'Customers' to get to the customer database. 

Scroll or use the search bar to find the customer you're looking for. Then click on the customer's information to open their profile. 

Once in their profile, scroll down to 'Customer History' and select the correct job. This will bring you to the job details page.

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