Follow these simple steps to add a new job:

1. Click the calendar icon in the top left hand corner.

2. Choose the day and time you want to schedule the job, by clicking that time slot on the calendar.

2.Click on new job to continue with scheduling job.

3. Step 1 - Click the search bar to search for an existing customer by name, phone, email or address. To add a new customer click the '+new customer' icon. Then click next in the top right.

4. Step 2 - This will take you to the line items to add a service to the work order/invoice. You can also add materials, if necessary, OR leave the line items blank for now. On the far left you can add private job notes and job tags. This information can always be updated throughout the job cycle. 

Then click 'next' in the top right to confirm it on the calendar.

4. Step 3 - When scheduling, the job you're working on will always appear in blue on the calendar. Click anywhere on the calendar to move job to a different time or assign to a specific technician. Add more than one employee to the job, set an arrival window or make it a recurring job by clicking the icons above the schedule view options.

5. When all of the information is entered and up to date click the 'save now' button in the top right. Once saved, the job will be added to the calendar, dispatched to the assigned technician and your customer will receive a 'Job Scheduled' confirmation text. 

6. When the job has been scheduled you will be taken to the "Job Details" page. This is where you can view detailed information about the job and make necessary updates. Whenever a change needs to be made to a job, it will need to be made from the job details page.

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