With Housecall Pro, you can easily keep your job or estimate information for a job that needs to be taken off the calendar. If a customer calls to cancel a job, for example, and isn't yet sure when they'd like to reschedule, you can simply unschedule the job.

The process is the same for both an estimate and a job, so here we'll just run through the steps with a job.

Start by going to the job details page. 

Locate the 'schedule' button, just above the invoice number.

Click the 'UNDO' button directly above the schedule icon.

A new window will appear. Click the 'unschedule job' button in the bottom right to confirm.

You'll know it's unscheduled when the schedule icon is greyed out.

Once the job has been unscheduled, you can find it in your 'Jobs' report on the dashboard, or in the unscheduled job bank at the top of your calendar. Just go to your calendar and click the 'unscheduled' button to view.

For estimates, these do not show in the Unscheduled section so you would need to view those in your 'Estimates' report which can be found on your dashboard.

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