Tags are internal identifiers you can use for distinguishing specific job details like type of job or lead source. They categorize your jobs and can be filtered by and search for in your dashboard reports. Customers will not be able to see the tags.  

You can add 'job tags' to your jobs while they're being scheduled. These tags can be used to help track and create reports on the dashboard. You can see the full process of scheduling a job here.

Start the process of adding a new job. When you click the 'Line Items' tab at the top, you'll see the 'Job Tags' option on the left of the screen. 


Just click in the blue box and type the tag you would like to use (ex. 'Service' or 'Maintenance') and press enter. You'll see the tag pop below the box into a blue bubble when it has been added.

We recommend using only a single word or two to keep it simple and easy to search for in the future! 

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