We have added the option for your business to set up auto billing for your client (also known as Auto Invoicing).  There are several ways this can be set up; however it has to be set up per individual customer.

Option 1 - Setting up auto invoicing in the customer's profile. 

In the customer profile page (not job details), below the map, select the + symbol in the Auto Invoice box.

Select how often you want the auto invoice to occur by clicking the drop down box next to Recurrence.  Once set up, the system will run through all unpaid invoices for that customer on the date of billing and will send the customer a batch invoice for all open invoices. 

If you would like to auto invoice after a specific amount of days, you can select Daily and input how many days you would like it to repeat.

If you would like to do weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, etc. you can select Weekly, select Repeat every: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc. and check the box next to the day you would like the invoice to go out.

If selecting Monthly, make sure that the repeat on date is a day that is available every month (example, the 31st is not available in February, April, June, September and November).  You can also choose a specific day every month to bill, as in the first Monday of every month:

If selecting Yearly, you can select the specific date the invoice will go out.

Once set up, the auto invoice option will then display on that customers profile. 

Option 2 - Setting up auto invoicing for a customer with a preset existing recurring job.

Any customer with a preset existing recurring job will now have the option to auto invoice with the recurring job.  You will notice in the job details of the recurring series an option to add auto invoice.

Option 3 -  Setting up auto invoicing when setting up a brand new recurring job series. 

When setting up a brand new recurring job series, you will have the option to add an auto invoice option to the recurrence.  You will notice a 4 step "review" has been added. This will only populate if you have created a recurring job series. You can review the job recurrence and select if you want to add Auto Invoice.

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