1. Add your debit card 

When you're on the payouts page, click 'ADD CARD' and enter your debit card information.

2. Choose your default deposit speed.

You can choose to have the standard two day deposits on by default, or you can choose to always deposit instantly. This selection will apply to all the users in your company.

If you choose InstaPay, all of your card transactions will be paid out with Instapay. You'll be able to see your payouts underneath the deposits section moments after you take your customer's card.

If you choose 2 business days, you can still use InstaPay for certain transactions. Just go to the Payouts page before 3:30PM PST, and you'll see the money available for InstaPay from that day. 

You can then click deposit instantly and you'll see that InstaPay amount in your deposits section.

Please note: This is a beta feature and this will not be available to everyone. Your Payouts page will only look like the images above if you are part of the beta testing and have InstaPay activated.

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