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How do I edit an existing email campaign?
How do I edit an existing email campaign?

Quickly make changes to existing email campaigns to keep your emails fresh and up-to-date

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Keeping your messaging updated is important to ensure your customers are receiving the best information. Housecall Pro makes it easy for you to update older campaigns in a flash, after they have already been created. 

Click the 'My Apps' icon along the top of your screen. A menu will appear. Choose 'Email automation' to get to your existing campaigns.

Select the campaign that you'd like to update by clicking on the campaign's line. 

This will bring you to a new window that will show an overview of the campaign and emails that have been previously sent. To update the content, just click the edit button in the bottom right. 

You can then update the content and the rule that same way you would when you first created the campaign. When everything is adjusted and ready to go, click the 'update' button in the bottom right.

Your email campaign is now up-to-date! All emails sent from this point on will contain the new messaging.

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