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Add Attachments to a Job/Estimate (iPhone)
Add Attachments to a Job/Estimate (iPhone)

Add attachments to a job or estimate before selecting which items you'd like to send to your customer.

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Attach photos or documents to a job or estimate for your company to have on file. Once they've been added to the job/estimate, you can choose to send them to your customer with the invoice when the time comes. 

1. Go to the job details page.

2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the 'Attachments' tab. 

3. Click the camera icon in the top right.

4. Choose between the options: 'Take Photo' (to take a new photo) and 'Choose Photo' (to select an existing photo from your albums).

Note: Photos taken within the app need to be uploaded one at a time, while you can choose multiple photos at once from your camera reel. 

  • If you select 'Choose Photo,' select the photos you'd like to use and click 'Upload' in the top right of the screen. 

  • Select 'Small' for the image size--the photo will upload much faster and look just fine.

  • If you choose 'Take Photo' you can take the picture, then click 'Use Photo' in the bottom right. 

5. Click 'Done' in the top left to save the attachment(s) to the job 

NOTE: The attachments will be stored for internal use only (unless you choose to send them with the invoice/estimate).

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