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What do Office Staff employee permissions mean?
What do Office Staff employee permissions mean?

Understand each of the permissions for office staff members

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Giving your employees the correct permissions ensures everything runs smoothly and easily for the entire business.

View and edit employee pay details: Allows your employee to access and edit employee pay information, including wages.

Update company account info: Allows your employee to access and edit all of your primary account settings including your company profile, billing info, employees, price list items, text notifications, and online booking windows.

Access marketing campaigns: Allows your employee to create and edit automated postcard and email campaigns.

Access reporting: Allows your employee to visit the primary Housecall Pro dashboard and view or create reports based on your job, financial, and imported QuickBooks Online data. If you're on the MAX plan, this also allows your employees to visit the Advanced Reporting 

Dispatch/Messaging POC (Point of Contact): The POC receives all customer replies to automated text notifications, within the chat section of the mobile app. They also automatically assigned to all jobs booked online. Only one employee can be the POC.

Build Pro Network & Share Jobs: Allows your employee to build their network of pros within the Community section of the mobile app, and refer jobs to other specialists.

See job costing margins and inputs: Allows your employee to see information about job costs and profits.

Access Pipeline: Allows your employee to use pipeline.

Once the permissions are correct, hit the save button in the bottom left. 

Remember, you can always adjust the settings for each employee as needed by clicking on their name and then edit in the employee list.  

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