Add and save your custom and pre-set services so you can easily create or edit invoices and estimates from the office or when you're on the go. 

Once you click 'ADD PRICE LIST' in the 'Getting Started' sidebar, you'll see a pop up of industries to choose from. Select the industries that most align with the work that you offer. 

Hit 'SAVE,' and you'll see we've dropped some items to help get you started.  

Click the '+ADD' button in the top right corner to add new price list items, add/remove an industry, bulk upload your services from .CSV or import your services from Quickbooks 

Add New Price List Items

  1. Category - You'll want to categorize your services to group together services that are in the same industry.
  2. Name your service.
  3. Set a price.
  4. Give a detailed description of what is included in each service.
  5. You'll also want to select whether or not the item is taxable or if you want the service bookable online.
  6. Click 'Save' and you're all set!

Add/Remove an Industry

You can add or remove an industry from your service list by checking/unchecking the boxes. 

Keep in mind that if you uncheck an industry, all items under that industry will also be removed.

Upload from .CSV

If you have your price list in an Excel or .CSV file, upload it yourself or email the file to There is typically a 2-business day turn around when you send it to us to format and upload.

View more info on how to import price list here

Import from Quickbooks Online

If you're currently using Quickbooks Online, watch this tutorial to learn how the connection works and get your services imported.

Edit/Delete Items 

Use the pencil in the far right to edit or delete your items. These items are saved to your account for you to easily use on invoices and estimates, so personalize it to make your items your own! 

Now that you know how to add and edit your services, let's move on.

Step 4: What is your service area?

Are you an HVAC business owner? Learn how to best price your services.

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