Your service area, or service radius, determines who can see you in the Housecall Consumer app .   This is where you can set the geographical area where you are willing to travel for jobs.  Your service area is a radius set in miles.  

Set up your Service Radius

Enter the radius in miles on the right of your screen under enter service radius

Your travel radius has now been set and can be changed at any time.  Three important points to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure your radius includes any areas you are willing to travel to for jobs.  A larger travel radius will give you the option to turn down or make exceptions for jobs that are further away depending on the circumstances.
  2. You will need to set your business address before this feature is available. Your address will be the center of the service area.
  3. Service area does not refer to your day to day operations. This is for the Customer App or Yelp! online booking ONLY.

We're more than halfway there to getting your account set up to 100%! 🎉  Now let's set your business hours. 

Step 5: When are you open? 

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