• You can only delete a plan that has NOT been accepted by your customer 

  • Once a customer agrees to a plan, you will only have the option to cancel the plan, which notifies the customer 

To delete or cancel a recurring service plan from a customer's profile, follow the steps listed below. 

1. Click into the customer profile

2. Click 'View' in the upper right corner of the correct service plan box 

3. Click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the agreement details page

  • If the customer has agreed to the plan and is Active, it will show the option to 'Cancel service agreement'

  • If the customer has NOT agreed to the plan and it is Pending, it will show the option to 'Delete service agreement' 


You will need to confirm before the plan is officially cancelled.

  • Type 'CANCEL' in the line

  • Click 'Cancel Agreement

NOTE: All, if any, future payments will be cancelled and your customer will be notified that the agreement has been cancelled.

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