When you create a recurring service plan (RSP), you'll have the ability to attach already completed invoices or create brand new ones. 

To view your customer's recurring service plan, click on the blue 'VIEW' button of one of their listed agreements. 

Schedule a New Service Visit:

  • Click 'Schedule', and a brand new invoice will be created. 

  • Schedule and dispatch that visit as you would for any other non-service plan visit

Attach an Existing Invoice:

1. Click "VIEW"

2. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner and click 'Edit service plan'

3. On the original setup page, check 'I've already completed this visit' for the visit you want to attach to the completed invoice

4. Select the invoice number you'd like linked to the plan

  • To unlink the invoice, simple uncheck the box

NOTE: The invoice must be marked 'Finished' to appear in the drop down list. 

5. Click 'Save' (or 'Review & Send' to review) once you've attached the invoice

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