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How do I become a Superpro?
How do I become a Superpro?

Eligibility requirements to become a Superpro

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All items are thoroughly checked during your Superpro assessment.

To become a Superpro, you must first:

1. Be an active Housecall Pro customer on most current plan (i.e. V8).

2. Have your Housecall Pro Community Profile Account Settings 100% complete. Follow these steps to make sure you have completed each point.

3. You must be a member of the Housecall PROs Facebook Community Group.

4. You have an average of 4.8 stars or greater (min. 15 cumulative reviews) on Google and/or Housecall Pro Reviews

  • You will be able to add the links to these sites on your application. (If it is not added, it will not be looked at)

  • Unfortunately, website reviews without a star value do not count as it cannot contribute to your overall star rating

5. Have a claimed, activated Google My Business page

6. Be using at least 1 of Pipeline, VOIP, Advanced Reporting, Payroll, Expense Cards, and Job Costing.

7. Have ‘My Money’ set up and at the least have the ability to accept credit cards through Housecall Pro.

8. You have completed at least 15 jobs within the last month in your Housecall Pro account

9. Must have been in business for one year or more at time of submitting application

10. Have an active business social presence (Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok)

11. Have a professional website offering your customers online booking

12. You must have a good history of online (Facebook Group, chat bubble, messenger, etc.) and offline (in-person events, pro meetups, etc) communication with the Housecall Pro Community

13. Have agreed to the Superpro Code of Ethics and Commitments

This community is inclusive of HCP employees, HCP users, and HCP partners

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