All items are thoroughly checked during your Superpro assessment

1. Your customers will be able to book you online through your website using your Housecall Pro integrated online booking. Your online booking page must have the 4 P's - Pricing, Pictures, Personability and Promotion

  • Pricing - If you do not list your pricing, you must provide a detailed description for your customer on how pricing is determined, with a range for that type of service

  • Pictures and description - All items must have pictures and a detailed description so your customer knows exactly what each service entails

  • Personability - Make sure your pictures are real! If you’re going for transparency, there’s nothing more ingenuine than a model in an unworn polo and a fake tool belt

  • Promotion - Your online booking call to action must be above the fold and easily accessible for your customers to book you

2. You must have a business Facebook Page that is also integrated with your online booking

3. You must be a member of the Housecall PROs Facebook Community Group

4. Your Community Profile in your HCP App is 100% complete

5. You have an average of 4.5 stars or greater (min. 15 cumulative reviews) across all of the review sites you are present on

  • You will be able to add the links to these sites on your application. (If it is not added, it will not be looked at)

  • Unfortunately, website reviews without a star value do not count as it cannot contribute to your overall star rating

6. All users on your account must have profile pictures

  • You and your employees (both techs and office staff) have profile pictures so your customers can easily see who is en route and also for your own internal organizational purposes. 

7. You provide a seamless payment experience for your customer by accepting credit cards (through any processor)

8. You have completed at least 15 jobs within the last month in your Housecall Pro account

9. You must have a good history of online (Facebook Group, chat bubble, messenger, etc.) and offline (in-person events, pro meetups, etc) communication with the Housecall Pro Community

  • This community is inclusive of HCP employees, HCP users, and HCP partners

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