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How often are Superpro applications accepted?
How often are Superpro applications accepted?

Find out when you will receive your Superpro status update

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Superpro applications are accepted on a monthly basis. Superpro application assesment takes place the last week of each month with status update emails unless otherwise stated. Β 

If you meet all of the requirements for Superpro status, you will receive an acceptance email with your following steps to sign the Superpro Code of Ethics, how to join the Superpro group, and what is expected of you to retain your Superpro status.Β 

If you did not meet all the requirements and are denied for that month, you will receive an email outlining the requirements you did not meet. This will also include help on how to complete the items you were missing. After completing these requirements, you will be able to email to update your application.

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