In addition to the Scheduling, Dispatch, and Payments live training, the information below will help you get your account basics setup. If you have any additional questions, click the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your dashboard or locate under ‘More’ in the mobile app

Click here if you need a quick refresher on creating a job.

Adding Customers
- Add your customers to your account manually, import a pre-existing list, or import from QuickBooks Online.

  1. How do I add a customer? 
  2. Import Your Customer List

Customer Profile: 

1. Notification Settings: There are FOUR automated notifications that Housecall Pro will send to your customers when turned ‘On’. 

  • Job/Estimate scheduled or updated - a text message and email are sent when a job or estimate has been created. It will also be sent if the time, date, or employee is changed or updated within the system
  • ‘On My Way’ - a text message will be sent once this is clicked 
  • Job/Estimate completed - a text message are sent once ‘Finish’ is clicked on a job or estimate
  • Payment confirmation - an email receipt will be sent when payment has been made 

2. Sub-customers/Parent-child: If working with property management companies (or customers who bill to a third party), follow the steps below in order to properly set up the parent-child billing.

  • Be sure to first create a customer profile for the property manager (or parent/billable customer) as well as a separate customer profile for the tenant
  • In the child-customer’s (the tenant) contact info section, you will see ‘This customer bills to’. Type the name of the parent/billable customer and select the correct profile from the drop down list that will appear

3. Customer Tags: Tags are internal identifiers that allow you to track distinguishing customer factors such as referral source, residential vs. commercial, visit frequency, etc. You can add these in simply by clicking in the space, typing the tag, and clicking ‘enter’ or ‘return’. 

  • For more information on filtering customers by tags, click here
  • For step-by-step instructions on managing tags, click here

4. Auto-Invoice: To set up auto-invoicing, follow the steps listed below

  • Click on Auto-Invoicing
  • Select the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and the number of days, week, months, you’d like the frequency to occur
  • Click ‘Save’ 

5. Multiple Addresses: If your customer has multiple addresses, you’ll click on the plus sign next to the search bar under the map.

How To Create A New Price List

Price List - Once set up, your price list items will automatically propagate in the service line items of estimates and invoices. 

You can add price list items by:

  1. Clicking the green [+ADD] button and select ‘New price list item’ 
  2. Import Your Price List

Create Reports

Reporting - Use reports to search for an invoice using the invoice number, customer name, address, or date. You can also manipulate and create reports to export for your records. 

  1. How can I search within a report?
  2. How do I customize and export reports? 

If you’d like a refresher on some of the topics covered in the training, see the instructional articles below: 

Again, if you have any additional questions, please chat in through the blue chat bubble and our amazing support team will be able to assist you right away!  

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