1. Click [+NEW] button on your navigation bar and select ‘Job’.

2. CUSTOMER: Type the customer name in the search bar and choose the correct profile and address from the drop down menu. 

: Type the service line item directly into the space provided to search your set price list and select from the drop down. 

  • You can continue typing to create a custom line item for specific invoice.
  • Click to edit the service line item, description, or price within the invoice (this will not change the item in your main price list).

4. SCHEDULE: To edit the time and date, click the blue box once OR you can drag and drop the blue box to the desired time. Click 'Confirm' once complete.

After you've selected the time and date, you'll need to dispatch, set your arrival window.

  • Dispatch: Click on the Dispatch icon to select who you'd like to assign to the job. You may select more than one employee. 
  • Arrival Window: To set your arrival window, click the square icon and select the desired time frame. If you'd like to set it that window as your default moving forward, check 'Set arrival window as default' in the bottom left of the pop-up.
  • Recurrence (if applicable): Select if this job is going to be a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurrence. To set up quarterly recurrence, set for every 3 months.
  • Notify customer: This will default to the customer profile notification settings. If you do not want your customer to receive the email and text notification confirming the scheduled job, you can un-check this box before clicking [Save]. 

Once you've finished, click the green [Save] button and you're all set!  

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