One of the first things you'll need to do when you sign up for Housecall Pro is to bring over your customer list. This list should include such information as customer names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, any customer notes, etc. 

If you are set up on a paid plan with us, you can send your list in Excel format to and we will format and import your list for you. Our turn-around time is 3 business days. If you're itching to get started and don't want to wait the three business days, you are welcome to follow the below instructions to put your customer information into our template.


Click here to download the template now

Step-by-step instructions:

The first step will be to download the template. To do so, you'll enter the web portal on your computer and click the Customer tab as shown below. The screenshots below will guide you step by step to the location from which you can download our template.

I recommend saving our template to your desktop or a folder on your computer that is easily accessible. (This template is also great to have for any future imports if you acquire a group of leads or new customers that you want to import all at once instead of one at a time.)

Once you have it saved, you'll want to open the template in a spreadsheet program. If you don't have Microsoft Excel, you can use another spreadsheet program such as Google Sheets or Numbers. 

It's going to look like this. The first two customer rows are examples so you know what information should go in which column.

The only required information needed for import is a name (first name, last name, or company name) or email address. If you don't have one of these items, the corresponding row will not import and you will receive an error for that row. 

Mobile Number & Home Number

All phone numbers that you enter must be numerical only without any symbols. For example, 841-234-1253 would be entered into the template as 8412341253.

Service State

The state or province must be abbreviated in order to upload successfully. For example, California would be entered into the template as CA.

Service Country

For each address you enter, you'll need to enter a corresponding country in the "service_country" column. If the address is in the United States, you'll enter USA in this column. If the address is in Canada, you'll enter CAN in this column.

Service Latitude & Service Longitude

Leave these columns blank.

Job Title

Leave this column blank


This is where you will want to add a single tag to your customer. We can only import ONE TAG per customer with this template. Any additional tags would need to be added manually by you in Housecall Pro after import.

Once you've added all your customers, you'll want to make sure you save your list as a .csv file. This is the only acceptable file type for import.

To import, you'll follow the same steps outlined above in the first step to download the template. Instead of clicking where it says, "Download Template", you'll click the Upload button. The below screenshots outline these steps:

Once you get the above message (Success), you'll want to click the blue okay button and refresh the page. You should see your number of customers start to increase within a few minutes.

If it doesn't start to increase or if you don't see the Success message above after clicking confirm, the import did not work. Usually, this is means something within the template is incorrect, but it also depends upon the operating system that your computer runs off of. If it doesn't work for any reason and you think everything looks correct, please send your list to We can apply any finishing touches and import your list upon receipt. 

Once your list has finished importing into Housecall Pro, you will receive a confirmation email.

We hope this helps you as you prepare your customers for entry into your Housecall Pro account. If you run into anything along the way or have questions, please feel free to message us via the Blue Chat Bubble. 

Click here to download the template now

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