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Partial Payment (iPhone)

Take a portion of the amount due on an invoice on your iPhone.

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To take partial payment from your iPhone,
follow these step-by-step instructions (listed below this quick video). 

1. Open the invoice details page

2. Click the 'Pay' icon and select 'Yes' to the new payment flow

3. Adjust payment amount, and enter any 'Payment Notes

  • Pro Tip: When taking check payments, this is a good place to input the check number

4. Tap 'Next' in the upper right corner to select payment method and complete payment

5. Select 'Payment Method

Other - select if you are using any other credit card processor

**If you DO NOT already use our credit card processor, but are interested in learning more, click HERE!**

Credit Card - select ONLY if you use our credit card processor

  • You have the option to type in the card information

  • OR click 'Scan Card' to use your phone's camera to scan the numbers and input that information automatically

  • OR click 'Use Card Reader' if you have a Housecall Pro Card Reader

  • If you want to enable credit card tipping, take a look here

NOTE: If the option to 'Save card on file' is enabled, you will not be able to use the Card Reader.

6. You will then see a screen confirming the completed payment 

7. A receipt will be emailed to your customer (unless customer notifications are turned off) and well as your company's support email address

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