Things come up, sometimes customers need to reschedule an upcoming job but don't know what day or time works yet. 

You can easily unschedule the visit without deleting the entire invoice/estimate or included information. 

Below are the steps to unschedule from your iPhone.

1. Open the estimate/job detail page 

2. Scroll to the 'Schedule' section and click the pencil icon

3. Tap where it says 'Unschedule'

4. Click 'Done' to save

  • To access these unscheduled jobs, go to your mobile app dashboard and click 'Needs Attention' at the top.

  • All the unscheduled jobs and estimates will say 'Schedule' in blue on the left column. 

  • Click on the job/estimate to go to the details page and schedule. 

Delete a Job or Estimate

Cancel a Job or Estimate

Delete Recurring Jobs

Restore Deleted/Canceled Jobs and Estimates

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