If you have a recurring job scheduled but need to make changes to one or all, you can edit the dispatched employee, frequency, or scheduled time/date by following the steps below.

Edit a Single Recurrence 

1. First, access the job details page through the customer profile, schedule, or jobs report.

2. From the job details page, click the circular 'Schedule' button 

3. The 'Edit Recurring Job' pop up will appear. 

Choose if you'd like to make changes to:

  • 'Only this job' 

  • 'This job and future jobs' (recurring series)

NOTE: When choosing 'This job and future jobs', any changes made will apply to the job at hand, and future jobs (nothing scheduled in the past)

4. Once you've chosen, you can edit:

  • Scheduled time

  • Date

  • Dispatched employee(s)

  • Arrival window

  • Length of job 

5. Once you've made the changes, click the blue 'Save' button in the upper right corner

Edit a Recurring Series of Jobs

Create a Recurring Job

I don't have the option to make a job recurring. Why?

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