When you connect HCP to a QuickBooks account, you can now view the QuickBooks account information under the HCP Settings.   This will allow you to confirm the status of your QuickBooks Online connected account, and see the invoice and customer totals connected between the two systems.  

To connect QuickBooks Online to your Housecall Pro account, click 'My Apps' located to the right of the Dashboard button. From there, click 'Get More Apps' in blue. 

Scroll until you see the 'Productivity' section and click 'QuickBooks Online'

Click "Connect to Quickbooks" and the "Connect" again to sign in to Quickbooks Online and connect it to Housecall Pro. Once signed in, you'll need to authorize the connection between Housecall and your Quickbooks Online.

When the connection has been established, you'll be taken back into your Housecall account. Click "import" to bring all of your customer info, invoice history and products and services into Housecall Pro.

The second red box will indicate important information about your QBO integration.

Learn more about how Housecall Pro easily integrates with your
Quickbooks Online account.

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