1. Click into the job details page

2. From the job details page, click the grey 'Invoice' circle

3. Click the 'Settings' icon (gear icon) to view the invoice settings. 

From here, you can choose to display or remove the following from the invoice: 

  • Company name

  • Quantity & unit price

  • Technician name

  • Invoice Date

  • Service Date

  • Customer & Company name 

4. To edit the payment options, click 'Next'

5. Click the 'Payment Options' icon (dollar sign) to adjust your payment settings

  • If you'd like the payment options to be saved for future invoicing, check 'Remember pay online option'

  • You can give customers the option to pay online as long as you use our credit card processor 

**If you DO NOT already use our credit card processor,
but are interested in learning more,
click HERE!**

Housecall Pro Payment Processing Options

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Batched Invoices - Send and Take Payment

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Edit the Subject Line on Estimates & Invoices

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