We recently released our new customer-facing Estimates page. This is the new page where your customers will review and approve the estimates you send them via text and email.

A small subset of Pros have access to this page now. All Pros will have access to this page later in the Summer of 2021.

Estimates can be emailed or text to customers for their review and approval.

1. Click into your estimate details page

2. Click the grey 'Send' circle   

3. Click the 'Settings' icon (gear icon) to edit the Estimate settings 

  • To add estimate options, scroll down and click 'Add options'. 

  • To add attachments, click the 'Attachments' icon (paper clip icon)

4. Click 'Next

5. If needed, edit the subject line and/or message. Then, click 'Send'

Estimates can be sent to multiple email addresses at once, simply by comma separating the multiple recipient emails in the "to" section.

Estimates can also be texted to customers using your custom SMS phone number in Housecall Pro. (note: you must have access to the custom SMS feature to set up a custom SMS phone number)

Once you've clicked 'Send'....

  • You will see that the estimate is pending approval.

  • To check if the email was successfully sent or not, click on the 'Activity Feed' icon in the navigation bar (see above)

If the email was not sent successfully, it will appear in red as shown below. 

NOTE: Please wait a couple minutes before checking as the system can take a few minutes to register if the email has been delivered or not.  

How can my customer approve their estimate?

Copy Estimate to Job

Estimate Approval & Signature (iPhone)

Print an Estimate/Invoice (iPhone)

View an Estimate or Invoice on the iPhone

Create Multi-Option Estimates

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