Although you can take customer approval on an estimate through your mobile phone, you can also email your customers their estimates to approve or decline. 

1. Click into your estimate details page

2. Click the grey 'Send' circle   

3. Click the 'Settings' icon (gear icon) to edit the Estimate settings 

  • To add estimate options, scroll down and click 'Add options'. 

  • To add attachments, click the 'Attachments' icon (paper clip icon)

4. Click 'Next

5. If needed, edit the subject line and/or message. Then, click 'Send'

Once you've clicked 'Send'....

  • You will see that the estimate is pending approval.

  • To check if the email was successfully sent or not, click on the 'Activity Feed' icon in the navigation bar (see above)

If the email was not sent successfully, it will appear in red as shown below. 

NOTE: Please wait a couple minutes before checking as the system can take a few minutes to register if the email has been delivered or not.  

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