Before you send your customer their recurring service plan, you must first create the plan in your price list. You can use any of the Housecall Pro templates we've provided if you like.

Once you've created the recurring service plan in your price list, follow the steps below to send it to your customer.

1. Click on the 'Customer' icon in your navigation bar 

2. Select the customer 

Adding to a Customer Profile

3. In the 'Profile' section, click the blue [+SERVICE PLAN] button

4. If there are multiple addresses, select the correct address from the list 

5. Select the service plan from the drop down list

NOTE: You can only send 1 service plan to a customer at a time.
If they decline, you can delete the plan from their profile and send a different option. 

6. Add the plan start date: 

  • The end date will pull automatically, based on the duration of the plan 
  • The number of visits will also automatically appear based on how many visits per year you've specified in the price list (and how many years the plan is set to last) 
  • Service visits will be evenly spaced throughout the years, however, you can change the tentative month

**NOTE: If the start date is earlier than the day you are sending your customer the plan, the system will assume you've already taken payment.
This means your customer will not be prompted to set up their card on file** 

To take payment for a plan with a start date in the past:

  • Put the 'start date' as whatever date you are sending this to the customer 
  • Select 'My customer needs to pay for this agreement'
  • You can mark 1 or more visits as complete & link to an invoice that has already been completed for this customer (see below)
  • Your customers will still be asked to setup their card on file  

7. Click 'Next' to review the plan information before sending to your customer

8. Once you've reviewed the service agreement info, click 'Save & Send'

9. In the pop-up, you can edit the message being sent if necessary

10. Click 'Send' when you're ready!

That's it! The email will be sent to your customer!

To take a look at what your customers will see in this email, click here. 

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