As promised, we've continuously been working to improve our recurring service plans (and will continue to)! 

Our most recent update gives you the ability to add and take payment for new recurring service plans! 

Add a Service Agreement to an Invoice:

1. Click 'Pay' on the job details page and select 'Yes' to test the 'New payment flow'

2. On the Checkout screen, click '+ Service Agreement' under the amount due for the job

3. Once you click '+ Service Agreement', select the service plan from your list 

  • The cost displayed is the cheapest payment option available to the customer (as determined in plan settings)
  • The number of visits per year and plan duration will appear under the plan name
  • At this time, you are not able to create or edit service plans from the mobile app, only the web portal

4. Click the blue price button to select a plan 

  • OR click 'Read More' to view details of the agreement

From the detailed view, you can select 'Buy' or click the back arrow (in the upper left corner) to return to the full list of plans.

5. Once you've selected the plan, you will be asked to input the start date of the agreement

  • NOTE: The plan start date cannot be set to any past date

6. Select the payment frequency your customer has chosen

  • Only options you've set in the plan's settings will appear
  • Toggle on (on = blue) to make payments taxable 

7. Click 'Done

8. If the customer is paying for both the job and the service agreement, leave both checked and click 'Next'

  • If your customer does not pay for the service agreement at this time, it will not be saved

9. Tap 'Credit Card' and input the customer's credit card information 

****NOTE: Credit card payment is the only method available.
The credit card will be saved as the customer's card on file.
Your customer will receive an email to setup an account
for their card on file once you've taken payment.****

  • If your customer does not have an email on file, you will be prompted and required to enter their email address before completing payment.

Once you've taken payment, your customer will receive an email confirming their payment as well as the email to setup their card on file account. 

And that's it! You've successfully set up your customer for a recurring service plan!

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