Step-by-step instructions to sell a recurring plan to a customer:

Step 1: Click PAY on the the job details page.

Step 2: Click on + SERVICE PLAN below the total

Step 3: Choose the plan by clicking on the blue button displaying a price option

  • The cost displayed is the cheapest payment option available to the customer (as determined in plan settings)

  • The number of visits per year and plan duration will appear under the plan name

  • At this time, you are not able to create or edit service plans from the mobile app, only the web portal

Step 4:

  1. Choose the start date for the plan. The end date will automatically adjust based on the selected plan details.

  2. If the job that you are currently on is considered the first visit, check the box.

  3. Press NEXT

Step 5: If the plan has add-ons, choose which add-ons and the appropriate quantity for this customer. Then press NEXT.

Step 6: Select the billing cycle and whether or not these payments are taxable. Then press DONE.

Step 7: Select whether the customer is paying for both the job and service plan or just the service plan.

  • If your customer does not pay for the service agreement at this time, it will not be saved

Step 8: Collect payment like you normally would. Recurring service plans are designed to be paid via credit card so that we can automatically charge the customers card on file when they are due for subsequent payments.

The card will be saved as the customer's card on file and your customer will receive an email to setup an account should they need to update their card on file in the future.

If your customer does not have an email on file, you will be prompted and required to enter their email address before completing payment.

Once you've taken payment, your customer will receive an email confirming their payment as well as the email to setup their card on file account. 

And that's it! You've successfully set up your customer for a recurring service plan!

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