Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Tap Pay at the top of the Job.

  2. On the payment screen tap + Service Plan.

  3. Find the correct plan and select it using the blue pricing button.

  4. Select the the plan start date. Based on the plan you choose, the end date will automatically adjust. If the job you are currently on is the first visit of this plan, select the box next to 'This is the first visit'. Tap NEXT.

  5. If Add-ons need to be added to the plan, select which ones by tapping ADD next to the appropriate Add-on and selecting the correct amount of each. Tap NEXT.

  6. To select the appropriate billing cycle, tap on the appropriate row. The selected billing cycle will be marked with a check mark. If the plan needs to be taxed, tap the toggle next to 'These payments are taxable'. Tap Done.

  7. At checkout you will see the the total for the Job listed as well as the Service Plan. These can be paid altogether or separately. To collect payments separately tap the downward facing arrow next to whichever item is getting paid second to deselect the box next to it.

  8. When paying for a Service Plan through the employee mobile app there will be a prompt to have the customer sign for their Service Plan to accept. Once signed, tap CONFIRM PLAN & PAY. The customer will be sent a confirmation of their Service Plan to the email address on their customer profile. NOTE: If the customer pays by credit card for the Service Plan, that card will be charged for all payments in the billing cycle should there be more than one.

    For more information on Service Plans on mobile, please see Service Plans on Mobile FAQs.

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