As you may have recently seen, we recently made some updates to Instapay that requires action on your account.

While performing a routine audit on the platform, we found some instances in which Instapay payouts were getting stuck (meaning some Pros were not receiving their money), and other instances in which we were unable to transfer the funds from your bank account to cover a refund. 

In order to resolve this, we had to make a change which requires you to add your bank account to your Instapay, in addition to your debit card (which you’ve already added).

This will allow us to better process refunds that were paid out instantly, as well as have a backup account in the (rare, but frustrating) event that a payout to your debit card fails.

To continue to use Instapay, please do the following:

To add from the mobile app, simply click the blue 'Connect bank' button.

To add your bank account to Instapay (from the web portal): 

1. Click on the 'My Money' icon in your navigation bar

2. Click 'Add Info' on the yellow box asking you to add your bank account

3. Follow the instructions from there

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