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5. Customer List
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Import Existing Customer Lists 

  • If you're coming from another software or already have your customer list 

  • Housecall Pro can only integrate with QuickBooks Online, NOT QuickBooks Desktop

  • If your customer list is in QuickBooks Desktop and you do not plan on transitioning to QuickBooks Online, you still have the ability to bring that list into Housecall Pro

  • Bring customers into your Housecall Pro customer list from your iPhone Contacts

Google Contacts

Customer Profile 

Create a New Customer: when adding a brand new customer to your Housecall Pro account, you can input additional information for internal and reporting purposes

1. Customer Tags
2. Customer Notes
3. Address Notes
4. Customer Job History
5. Customer Attachments

Sub-Customers (Parent-Child) & Multiple Addresses: be sure you know when to create a parent-child relationship & when to add multiple addresses to a single customer

(Numbers 8 & 9 are explained below)


8. Automatic Notifications: there are 4 times automated messages are sent to your customers regarding jobs & estimates. Be sure you familiarize yourself with each of these:

  1. When a job or estimate is scheduled 

  2. When 'On My Way' is clicked on a job/estimate

  3. When 'Finish' is clicked on a job/estimate

  4. When any payment is taken 

!!! NOTE !!!
We strongly recommend scheduling & completing a test job using yourself as a customer. Be sure to put your cell phone number in the 'Mobile Number' section.
This will help you become more familiar and comfortable with the process

  • If you do not want your customers to receive the automated text & email notifications, you can disable in their profile. 

  • You must disable/enable notifications within each customer profile as there is no option to turn on/off all customer notifications.

Custom SMS

With custom text notifications (not included in all plans), you can provide the best customer experience possible by keeping your customers in the loop throughout the entire job process.  


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