Send your customers automated emails with the chance to renew their existing recurring service plan so there's no down time between payments! Just set how many days prior to a customer plan's expiration date emails are sent out and let the system do the rest! 

1. Click the 'My Apps' icon in your navigation bar and select 'Service Agreements'

2. Click the 'Settings' icon (gear) in the upper right corner 

3. Click the arrow to the right of 'Automatic renewal email

4. Click '+ Reminder' to add an automated email before the end of the service plan

5. From the list of options, select the number of days before end of service plan you'd like the email to be sent

  • Options include: 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, 60 

  • You are able to add as many reminders as you like. But remember not to bombard your customers! 

  • To remove a reminder, click the (X) to the right 

6. To send all customers the reminder emails, toggle the 'Allow sending to customers with notifications off' setting ON (blue)

7. What will your customers see in the Renewal email?

Create New Recurring Service Plans

Send Recurring Service Plans to Customers

Delete or Cancel a Recurring Service Plan

Edit and Maintain Service Plan Visits 

Check out how recurring revenue helps your service business grow.

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