Remotely log yourself or your employees out of their Housecall Pro account. By clicking 'Remote Logout Employee', the employee will immediately be logged out of their account on the web portal and mobile apps. 

NOTE: The employee that has been remotely logged out can immediately log back in. However, you can change the email address associated with the employee account AND delete the employee profile to keep them from logging back in. 

To remotely log an employee out of their account: 

1. Click into your 'Account Settings

2. Select 'Employees

3. Click on the employee name

4. On the left, under the employee's login information, click 'Remote Logout Employee'. 

Note: The employee will immediately be logged out but CAN log back in right away. However, if you DO NOT want the employee to have access, you will need to do 2 things: 

  1. Change the email address associated with the employee's account

  2. Delete the employee profile right away (located in the lower left corner of the 'Edit Employee' screen). 

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