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Add, copy, rename, and delete segments from your iPhone or iPad!

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Add a Segment

1. From the job details page, click the 'More' icon in the upper right corner

2. Select from the follow options:

  • 'Add segment' - add a brand new, blank segment

  • 'Copy segment' - copy all job information to the new segment

3. If you choose:

  • 'Add segment' - you can type in a custom name for the segment 

  • 'Copy segment' - select if you'd like job attachments copied over as well (the pop-up will appear with or without attachments on the job)

NOTE: Whether a segment is copied or added, it will still need to be scheduled.

4. Click the segment name to view the segment details or swipe between pages


Rename Segments

Once a segment has been added to a job, you will have the option to rename any and all segments of the job. 

1. Click 'More'

2. Select 'Rename segment'. 

3. Type in the new name of the segment and click 'Confirm'

Delete Segments

Delete one or more segments from a job.
To completely delete a job, you must delete all segments.

1. Open the segment you'd like to delete, click 'More'

2. Click 'Delete' & confirm that you'd like to delete the segment.

3. Click 'Confirm' to delete

Invoicing Segments

You can add multiple segments to an invoice as long as they have line items and a due amount. 

1. Click the 'Invoice' icon

2. Click the segment icon to add segments to an invoice

3. Toggle a segment to add it to the invoice (blue = added)

4. Click 'Done

5. Click 'Send' once you're ready to send! 

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