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Jobs that are...


  • Job box will show the assigned employee's color 

  • This also applies to estimates & events

In Progress [On My Way or Start]:

  • Job box will be outlined in the assigned employee's color with a white interior

Finished & UNPAID [Job]:

  • The job box will be outlined in RED 

Finished & NOT approved or declined [Estimates]:

  • White with no outline

Finished & PAID:

  • The job box will be completely grey

  • Estimates will become grey once it has been APPROVED or DECLINED

  • Events become grey once the scheduled time has passed

Calendar & Job/Estimate/Event Display Options

Click the drop down to choose between the 5 different views: 

  • Schedule, Day, Week, Mon-Fri, Month

Customize information seen on each job, estimate, & event box:

  • Click 'Settings' (gear icon) in the upper right corner

  • Check each field you'd like to add or remove from the view 

Setting the timezone of the calendar

You can choose what timezone you would like to view your jobs in on the calendar. Jobs start and end times will show adjusted for the time zone selected. For example, a job with a start time of 12 noon eastern standard time will show up as 9 am when the calendar is set to pacific standard time.

Opening the job/estimate details page

You can now RIGHT CLICK directly on the job or estimate to open
 in a new tab or window 


click directly on the job or estimate to open the job or estimate

Side Panel

  • Click the 'More' icon to show or hide the left side panel

To filter the calendar view:

  • By tags, type the name of the tag and select from the drop down 

  • OR check the names of the employees you'd like to see 

Unscheduled Jobs

Click the 'Unscheduled' icon to view all unscheduled jobs

Drag and drop the unscheduled job onto the schedule 

  • If the customer profile notifications are ON, a pop-up will appear asking if you'd like to send them their job scheduled notifications.

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