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Add and View Tasks (Android)
Add and View Tasks (Android)

Create brand new tasks and view all tasks on the Housecall Pro mobile app for Androids.

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To access, add, and edit Tasks on your Android, click on the Menu icon (3 stacked horizontal lines) in the upper left corner in the Housecall Pro app. 

  • Select 'Tasks' from the menu on the left

  • To create a new task, click the (+) sign in the bottom right corner

  • Click to switch view between:
    'All Tasks' - tasks for the whole company
    'My Tasks' - tasks assigned to you specifically 

NOTE: Employees that do not have Admin level permissions for their account will not be only be able to see their own tasks (not the company).

At this point in time, you cannot add a customer association to a task from the mobile app, only the web portal.

To add a new task: 

  1. Enter a title for the task, description, due date, and assign an employee

  2. Click the 'Save' icon (checkmark) once information is entered

  • To delete, click the 3 vertical dots on the far right

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