You can now link your Housecall Online Booking option to your Facebook page. This option is only available on Facebook pages for businesses and cannot be added to a personal Facebook page.

Click here to learn how to make a Facebook business page

If you have not yet added a call-to-action button to your Facebook Business page - follow these steps: 

1. Hover over the blue '+ Add a Button' icon. 

2. Choose 'Book with you' and make sure 'Book Now' is also selected - this is what       will display on your call-to-action button. 

3. Select 'Link to Website'

4. This will take you to the screen where you can paste your booking link.

  • To get the link, go to your Housecall Pro account in a NEW TAB. Click 'My Apps' at the top of your screen, then 'Get More Apps' at the bottom of the drop down menu.
  • Select the Facebook icon then copy the link in the bottom right of the screen.

5. Toggle back to the Facebook tab, paste the link, click 'Save' and then 'Finish'.

If you already have a call-to-action button on your Facebook Business page, you can edit or update it by clicking the pencil icon next to your existing button and follow the same steps above.

Your Facebook booking is now up to date with your Housecall Pro online booking link!

Disclaimer: HouseCall is not responsible for any fees added by outside sites to include the booking link.

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