1. Online Booking

One third of customers want to book online only. If you don't have online booking you are writing off one third of the market AND these are the least price sensitive customers since they are looking for ease and convenience.

We are going to get your online booking set up so that you are getting a JOB not a lead. This stops your customer from filling out your lead form and then doing the same thing with your competitors and then hoping someone will call them back. Instead, they are booking a job with you, they cross it off their list, and you are one step closer to that five star review because you were able to provide a modern and convenient online experience for your customer.

Ready to set up your Online Booking? 

Learn how to set up your online booking feature HERE and don't forget what Alexa said, pricing + pictures + personability + promotion = Superpro-level online booking

Don't Forget to Promote your Online Booking!

2. Online Presence with Google My Business

82% of consumers are making hiring decisions for home service professionals based on the reviews they read online. Even if they are referred by a friend or family member, the first thing they are going to do is Google you. Wether your potential customer already knows to search for  "Your Business Name" specifically or if they are searching for a local trustworthy company (ie: "plumbers in mira mesa") you may not come up in this Google search result without a Google My Business page for your business. 

Does your business have a Google My Business Page?
Yes - make sure to connect it to your Reviews feature in Housecall Pro to start generating more reviews.
No - register your business with Google here - It's completely free! Once you've registered, Google will send you a post card in the mail as a verification step before your profile goes live. After your profile has been verified,  make sure to connect it to your Reviews feature in Housecall Pro to start generating more reviews.

Your GMB page will help you look reputable and manage the information that potential customers see when they search for your business. The more reviews you get, the more reputable you will look. 

Personalize your GMB page with pictures of your business, team members, etc - tell YOUR story here.

3. Reviews 

The 5 star review is the key indicator that you've provided a 5 star experience for your customers. Our reviews feature takes the hassle out of asking for reviews by automating an email and text request after you've finished the job.

Learn how your Reviews feature works and how to:

Quick tip - You can create a custom tag that says “no review” or “do not send” so that  if your technician knows he didn’t have the greatest experience with that customer, he can tag the job with one of those custom tags prior to clicking the ‘finish’ button and the automated text will not send. 

4. Scheduling

Our intuitive and easy to use scheduling soft-wear will allow you to stay organized  wether you're an admin in the office or a tech out in the field. Make updates to your schedule and invoices in real time and look professional in front of your customers with a modern platform, automated notifications and digital invoices.

Let's start scheduling jobs!

Learn how to schedule from the web portal - this is great for admins
Learn how to schedule from an Android device - for your team in the field
Learn how to schedule from an iOS device - for your team in the field

5. Automated Customer Notifications

When you or your employee click On My Way, your customer will automatically receive a text message letting them know you are on your way so that they know to expect you. This builds trust and security with the customer. They know who is coming to their home and you are one step closer to that 5 star review.

What is a Custom SMS number?
Set up your Custom SMS feature

Learn how to customize the text messages that go out for a more personalized experience!

6. Payments

Did you know that 71% of consumers want to pay by credit card? Your customers are just like us, they want their points! Not only will it make the payment experience frictionless and easy on the customer but they will also be willing to spend MORE.

How to Set Up your Credit Processing

If you will be using a card reader, be sure to Purchase a Card Reader and view this article on setting your card reader up and how to use in the field.

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